What is an RCD?
Why are RCD’s important to my family and workplace?

Australia has a complex electrical system,even though it is considered reliable
accidents still occur. A faulty or poorly maintained appliance, a person or child who
innocently pushes something into a power socket or cuts through an electrical
wire, a frayed cord, wet hands or carelessness with power tools are all
situations that can lead to electrical hazards. The high level of protection offered
by and RCD (residual current device) is well documented. RCDs are now mandatory in
every new home and, in time, this legislation will extend to most workplaces.

How an RCD protects you!
When a power tool or appliance is in use,
your RCD continually monitors and compares the current flowing through
the Active and Neutral circuits of the electrical installation. In the event of
a current flow to Earth, an imbalance will occur. If this imbalance is sufficient,
the RCD will cut the power in a fraction of a second.

Protecting Your Equipment
As well as protection from electrocution, an RCD will also cut off power to expensive
electrical equipment in the event of an electrical fault to Earth. This protects
appliances from costly damage and from fire.

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