Designer Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

FinishFire Frame

Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

by award-winning finnish designer Sanna Liimatainen


When we recently discovered this clever way of storing fire safety equipment, we knew our customers would love it.

Most fire extinguisher cabinets are bulky and not very attractive, making them less than ideal for home use. That’s where this product is different. Your family will know where it is and what contents are inside, yet it looks nice on the wall.

Having a fire extinguisher and fire blanket within reach can make all the difference in an emergency situation.

Useful for anyone and can save lives.

  • This frame is a great new home or wedding gift.
  • Easy installation!
  • Suitable for any size room or home.
  • The use of this fire extinguisher does not require much strength, so it’s even suitable for the elderly and children.
  • A fire blanket suffocates the fire and also can be used to protect yourself from burning.
  • The display picture is easy to change: easily insert a photo, drawing, poem, emergency symbol or whatever you like.

A Unique & Stylish Way to Help Protect Your Home or Office

Includes the Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket! 

Both items comply with Australian standards.

EASY INSTALLATION with just two screws…similar to haning a regular framed photo.

Items are currently IN STOCK and available for pickup or delivery.

Don’t miss out! Melbourne Safety Services are the exclusive distributor in Australia for these attractive wall units, designed and made in Finland by Sanna Liimatainen.

Please note this is a preliminary fire protection measure for small fires only. We recommend also having larger extinguishers on hand, especially in business environments where there are specific requirements.

Currently accepting orders for greater Melbourne VIC and interstate Australia. For rural or interstate orders we will quote delivery costs based on your address.

See the designer / manufacturer’s website here: FinishFire

You can also choose to download these pre-designed files to print your own window insert:

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