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  • ABE powder fire extinguishers.
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…We carry ALL of the most common extinguishers you’ll need for the home or workplace. Prices are inclusive of GST.

Delivery in Greater Melbourne.

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We have a large selection of affordable fire extinguishers & related safety equipment for sale.

We offer DELIVERY for $35 in Melbourne Metro | Adjusted rates for outer Melbourne areas (call us).

We do not ship extinguishers interstate. Please do not order extinguishers online for delivery outside Melbourne.


Did you know all our fire extinguishers are supplied to you tagged & stamped, a.k.a. commisioned and ready for use in the business environment?

(If you buy an extinguisher at a regular retail shop it’s not likely to have this stamp and you’ll have to pay extra for someone to inspect & stamp it for compliance.)

All our fire extinguishers meet or exceed Australian standards. All are approved for use in Australia. Don’t be caught out with cheap imports! We also sell fire cabinets, vehicle brackets, first aid kits, and other fire related accessories.

Note: When purchasing an item please leave phone number for our tech to use.
Please refrain from using PO boxes in address as we cannot deliver to PO Boxes.

Product prices are inclusive of GST when ordering online.



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