New First Aid Kits in Melbourne

Looking to buy first aid kits? Melbourne Safety Services is able to supply new first aid kits for all business types in greater Melbourne. Not sure which type you need? Just let us know about your business and the number of staff members (including contractors & anyone that might be onsite at a given day) and we’ll help you find the right kit for you.

Restock First Aid Kits

If you have already purchased a first aid kit from us and would like to get it replenished, we can top up the missing items…just let us know what you need as each kit has a list of contents inside. Or we can supply a complete refill kit so you can use your existing case and just empty the old contents and start fresh.

This is smart if some of your old items are several years old or have become dusty or water damaged.


You may need a variety of kits: one type for the office area, another for the factory, and also one in each company vehicle. Each company vehicle should have a first aid kit, and special kits are needed for vehicles working in remote places or high risk environments. So be sure to get the right kit for every application.

Feel free to get in touch and we’ll help provide the kits that you need if you’re in the Melbourne area.

Or order First Aid Kits Online for Delivery Australia-wide.


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