Looking for exit light testing or emergency light testing in a hurry? Melbourne Safety Services can supply, install and maintain emergency & exit lights for your business, providing you with the necessary proof of compliance.

Exit Light Testing for Business: Quick Response

We understand sometimes you need a technician onsite sooner than later. You’ll be pleased to know we can often be onsite for Emergency & Exit Light Testing services within 1-2 business days. Your site visit includes log book recording to ensure the full compliance with Australian Standards AS2293.

Exit & Emergency Lights play a VITAL role in ensuring your workplace safety. 

Regular testing is critical.

Repairs and Battery Replacement for Exit Lights and Emergency Lighting. LED Exit & Emergency Lights.

We will conduct the required operational testing and certification recording of Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting to ensure your business meets its safety obligation as required by law.

Exit signs & Emergency lighting is part of your business’s essential safety measures and in the event of a fire or other disaster causing potential damage or trauma must be proven to be operational and proof of maintenance made available.

Ensuring an Emergency & Exit sign lighting system is fully operational is part of building compliance and is a legal requirement.


What is an Exit Light?

An exit sign/light is an illuminated sign that displays the location of, or direction to where an emergency exit is located. They are a battery-backed lighting device that comes on automatically when a building experiences a power outage or in the event of fire.

Exit Signs and Emergency Lights are inspected and tested in accordance with AS2293.2 and AS2293.3 on a six-monthly basis. It’s crucial to be on top of your exit light testing.

How Often do I Need to Test and Inspect Emergency and Exit Lighting?

When it comes to emergency lighting testing frequency, the current Australian standard requires testing, inspection & recording of results every six months to comply with the Australian Building Code Council & Fire regulations.

On completion of emergency exit light testing and any subsequent repairs, certification record is issued to comply with the above regulatory bodies.

Melbourne Safety Services specialise in the periodical inspection and testing of Emergency & Exit sign lighting in schools, businesses and commercial sites, ensuring companies fulfil their Occupational Health and Safety obligations and exercise their Duty of Care.

Our staff are familiar with the full range of different makes & models, and offer competitive pricing on all repairs. Onsite repairs can eliminate costly call out fees and onsite charges if completed on the day of emergency exit light testing.

The latest range of LED exit sign light fixtures are also available to reduce power consumption and lamp failures with warranty offered on all parts & labour.




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