Annual Essential Safety Measures Report: AESMR

AESMR: Annual Essential Safety Measures Report (or building safety audits) can seem like an inconvenience and sometimes gets overlooked. Because we already supply most of the safety measure inspections and testing for our customers we make it cost effective and easy for building owners to comply with the requirement for the AESMR, Annual Essential Safety Measures Report.

AESMR Reports Melbourne

If you are not sure about what’s required or have a question give us a call and we will visit your site and talk with you about what you’re looking to do or help with offering you information.

Fire equipment extinguishers need to be inspected and service reports received and kept onsite for inspection as proof you are compliant.

The same applies to exit lights and emergency lighting: a log book must be kept onsite to record the regular testing and inspection that is required to keep your building compliant. Pathways and exits must be clear and inspected periodically.

We Work with Owners & Managers for AESMR

It is not uncommon for building owners to secure a property manager to manage their AESMR . We work with property managers and owners to achieve a cost effective and safe outcome.

Melbourne Safety Services offers a fixed-price safety measures maintenance agreement for your building safety measures and ensures your compliance. We include detailed service reports, including photos of your equipment, to fulfil the requirements and complete your AESMR.

MSS also maintains copies of your AESMR offsite. In the event of an incident in your building, your AESMR will prove you are meeting your legal obligations.

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