1KG ABE Powder Fire Extinguisher With Hose + Vehicle Bracket



  • Suitable for all paper, textiles, wood, plastics, rubber, petrol, oil, paints, LPG, CNG, Acetylene and electrically charged equipment.
  • One of the most widely used extinguishers, the 1kg ABE has been designed to be most effective in the common household. Vehicle bracket provides secure housing when not in use.
  • All of our extinguishers are built to Australian standards and come with certified product approval.
  • Fire extinguishers Melbourne


  • Capacity: 1kg
  • Type: ABE Dry Chemical Powder
  • Pressure: 1350 kpa
  • Discharge Time: 8 seconds
  • Dimensions: – Height: 351mm, – Diameter: 85mm
  • Total mass: 2.55kg
  • Cylinder: Steel – Powder Coated Red Finish
  • Valve: Brass – Nickel Plated
  • Fire rating: 1A:20B:E
  • Approvals: AS/NZS 1841.5
  • *Comes with VEHICLE BRACKET
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