Fire Service Scams 

Recently I had the misfortune to meet with a Fire Services Company that were using phone scam tactics to obtain service work.

This disreputable Fire Services business  had 4 full time staff manning phones contacting staff at small and medium sized business to advise them that there 6 monthly Fire equipment inspections were due and could they  make an appointment next week.

Of course, most people want there fire equipment to be compliant and so many unsuspecting staff agree to the service appointment not realizing that the company they just authorized does not provide there regular normal fire equipment inspections.

Have you just been Hijacked!

Tips to protect yourself and your business:

  • Make sure all service providers are insured: Ask to see a “Certificate of Currency” They should carry it with them.
  • Are your service providers trained and certified?  Ask if they carry the FPAS certification or a Certificate II in Fire Asset Management.
  • Always ensure you receive your Fire Service Report. Don’t be afraid to ask for an explanation, your paying for it!
  • Before any changes are made you should be notified and a quote given in writing. If you did not authorize it, you should not pay for it.
  • Ensure all service providers log in and notify someone they are on your site. Best practice wear Hi Viz shirt or vest while on site






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