FPAS Accreditation

What is Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia)?

Fire Protection Association (FPA  Australia) is a non-profit technical and educational fire safety organisation that provides members and the community with important fire safety information in order to keep Australians’ life, property, and environment safe.

FPA Australia members work hard to create a fire safety awareness by continuously advocating for the improvement of legislation, codes, and industry standards. Their efforts ensure that all Australians stay safe and educated about fire safety. FPA Australia aims to provide all of their members with relevant educational information on industry best practices and encourage proactive engagement and communication about fire safety between the community, members, and government. FPA Australia’s sole focus is protection and reinvest into the sector to achieve improved safety outcomes.

What does it mean for individuals to be FPAS accredited?

The Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) is a voluntary scheme that acknowledges fire safety skills and competencies of individuals and businesses nationwide. The scheme aims to assemble a technically competent workforce to increase professionalism, quality of services and fire safety.

You can read more about the Scheme by visiting http://www.fpaa.com.au/fpas

Why choose an FPAS accredited technician?

FPAS accredited technicians,  like Mike at Melbourne Safety Services provide you a quality of service and peace of mind. FPAS accredited technicians are held to a higher professional standard by signing up to the FPA Australia Code of Professional conduct. Melbourne Safety Services  provide $10 million Public and Product Liability insurance which protects the company and our customers. All members of Melbourne Safety Services must also hold current police background check and have FPAS accreditation to ensure a high quality of service and safety for customers. Choosing to be a FPAS accredited technician provides more knowledge about fire safety which allows us to provide better services to our customers.

Don’t just hand over your fire safety to anyone.
To ensure your fire safety is up to date and current, choose an FPAS accredited technician, give Mike a call on 1300 556 651

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